? Lucknow Strawberry Summerfest - Camping and Overnight Accommodations
Lucknow's 2019
June 19th to 23rd


Fisherman's Cove Fisherman’s Cove
13 Southline Ave, RR 4, Kincardine, ON N2Z2X5
Phone: 519-395-2757
Fax: 519-395-2220
Email: info@fishermanscove.com
Web: http://www.fishermanscove.com/
Silver Lake Tent & Trailer Park
Silver Lake Tent & Trailer Park
Silver Lake Tent & Trailer Park
RR 2, Holyrood, ON, N0G2B0
Phone: 519-395-3330
Fax: 519-395-4473
Email: silverlk@hurontel.on.ca
Web: http://www.silverlaketentandtrailerpark.ca/

Bed and Breakfast

Grey Ox Meadows Grey Ox Meadows
875 Grey Ox Ave. RR#5, Lucknow ON N0G2H0
Toll Free: 1-866-433-0533
Fax: 519-395-5007
Web: http://greyoxmeadows.com/blog/bed-breakfast/
Sommerville Court Sommerville Court Motel Bed & Breakfast
Lucknow Line, Huron County Road #1, 287 Ross St. , Lucknow, ON N0G2HO
Phone: 519-357-7067 or 1-866-863-2557
Web: https://www.facebook.com/SommervilleCourt/

Mahdeen Bed & Breakfast

Highway 86, Lucknow ON N0G2H0
Phone: 519-395-2711

Maple Breezes Manor
579 Havelock St., Lucknow, ON N0G2H0
Phone: 519-528-2300


Friday, June 15th

Friday, June 22nd

Saturday, June 23rd

Summerfest Sponsor:
Committee Members:
  • Chair: Jeff Elliott
  • Secretary: Angela Davey
  • Treasurer: Betty Stanley
  • Sponsorship:
    Kate Gillespie, Leanne Scott
  • Committee Members: 
    Terena Sachs, Sarah Morrison
  • Kid's Zone & Movie Night:
    Sue & Ron Gillespie, Dan Fritz
  • Vendor's Market: 
    Kate Gillespie, Leanne Scott
  • Soccer: Chris Davey
  • Legion: Dayle Taylor
  • Kinsmen: Bob Simpson
Questions? Email Us:
Event Locations:
Dance Tickets Available at:
  • Lucknow Recreation Complex

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